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Cawston & Associates is a financial company that specializes in solving individual or company taxation, bankruptcy and debt problems. These Calgary Tax Consultants have experience working with financial issues of all sizes, whether they are regular tax forms or on the verge of bankruptcy. If you find yourself doing well with your finances, visit this Calgary Exempt Market Dealer. They will help to invest wisely in exempt or private markets.

Updated June 14, 2016.

Filing for bankruptcy is a last resort for individuals and businesses that find themselves unable to handle their debt. Not everyone can successfully file for bankruptcy, as there are certain requirements that you need to meet in order to be eligible. Our team of highly trained specialists can offer you a service that is considered high-class, and has been sought after by both businesses and individuals. If you are need of financial assistance with your taxes, check out Tax Consultants Calgary at their website or watch this short video.

We will start by taking you through the different options that you have to choose from. You will need to know what help is and isn’t available to you, and the positives and negatives of each option. You will also need to know how each option will affect you personally, and which you stand more likely to gain from.

If filing for bankruptcy is not for you, then it might be best to negotiate with the Revenue Agency, to come up with a tax payment plan that fits your budget. If pursuing this route, you must understand that it is entirely up to the Revenue Agency whether or not they accept your proposal. Their main issue is getting hold of the money you owe them, so they are more likely to accept a proposal that benefits them and means less hassle regarding debt collectors. However, if you are unable to prove that it’s a plan you can hold yourself to, then you might find them declining. If they do decline, then they might decide to take further action. They can with-hold your tax credits until you have paid off your full debt.

Another option is submitting a consumer proposal. If accepted, the consumer proposal will allow you to pay back your debt at a certain amount each month, and you won’t even need to pay off the full amount before the debt is settled.

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